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We all have a Disability,
it’s a lifestyle

To live is to overcome the natural resistance that life puts on us. Limitations are part of our daily life; they are so normal we don’t notice them. We don’t notice our health or living status until something bad happens to us, until they change; we do not notice our degree of natural disability because we are used to it, we only notice it when barriers are greater than our capacity.

Disability has always been among us and is part of being alive and living in society. All the time we are doing something to overcome our smaller or larger disabilities, it’s our way of living, it’s our way of being. Seeing things from this perspective WE ALL HAVE DISABILITIES! DISABILITY IS A LIFESTYLE!

We have written a book for you, explaining what disability is. Many times, we confuse sequelae with disability, and they are not the same. We believe that we must identify our disability, whatever it may be; but it’s even more important to recognize our abilities, potentiate them and live-in fullness.

Don’t miss the experience of reading a book that will break paradigms and make you see that the best of you is about to be born, if you wish.