Dressy Kids Girl Activity

Who knew getting dressed could be so much fun? Help kids practice again and again with this activity toy for kids, toddlers, preschoolers, and kids with disabilities. Sensory and fine motor skills develop fast with this educational plush doll that makes learning fun and will make your little one love practicing for hours. A great toy to help learn to tie shoes for kids.

Practice dress skills with 5 activities: zipper, button, buckle, clasping, and tying.

Kids ages 2 and up can practice opening and closing buttons with this doll stuffed toy that’s not only adorable, but also machine washable.

Better than a busy board, because the sensory and motor skills features come in the form of a toy that kids already love. Help this soft little doll get ready for the day! They’ll love practicing their sensory and motor skills by pulling the zipper up and down or tying her hair bow.