Educational Stuffed Plush

Featuring 7 main getting dressed activities, the Dressy Friends Lucas allow your kids to enjoy learning by practicing how to snap, hook, fasten, buckle, zipper, loop, tie and more while playing.

Who knew getting dressed could be so much fun? Help kids practice again and again with this activity toy for kids, toddlers, preschoolers, and kids with disabilities. Sensory and fine motor skills develop fast with this educational plush doll that makes learning fun and will make your little one love practicing for hours.

This adorable soft plush toy comes with attractive contrasting colors to hold child’s attention. The toy stands 15.5” high, perfect size for your kids to practice and cuddle. Recommended for toddlers 1 year and up.

Your kids will love practicing pulling up and down the zipper, opening and closing the buttons, or tie the shoelaces.

Comes with a carry-along clip, which makes it the perfect travel companion for your kids. Your child will be sure to take it anywhere all day long to learn and explore.