Learning cutlery

Infant Utensils Spoon and Fork Set with Safe Carrying case. The banding handle helps your kid, whose muscles are not balanced, use stuff on its own. At the same time, positive development can be made with a sense of accomplishment for self-feeding. They can be perfecty used for both infants without disabilities and school-age children with disabilities. With this utensils, kids can get the pleasure of eating by themselves.
The TPE soft rubber wrap handle is a bendable utensils 90°. It’s easy to balance with the right weight and grip. It is an amazing advantage that the handle no longer bends when your kid grabs it.
You can bend the handle so that the utensils can cooperate with your kids movements. They help prepare your toddler straight line use in familiar handling step.
It does not contain chemicals. Tip-food grade PP, Handle-food grade TPE, BPA-free, LEAD and Latex Free, phthalate-free, cadmium-free. CPSIA Compliance.
Easy hand washing and dishwasher safety. It includes a travel case that can be used with the lunch box.
They come in 2 different colors.
A great gift for any occasion.