Toddler Busy Board

Perfect gift for kids 3-5 who are learning to dress. The backpack can be personalized by writing the child’s name on the name card. It’s also great screen-free entertainment for a road trip, restaurant visit or air travel. Equipped with 12 activities, the backpack teaches essential dressing skills in a fun, low-key way.

Teach your kids fine motor skills through active play. Each puzzle imitates a real-life challenge toddlers face when getting dressed, including a zipper, buckles, hook-and-loop fasteners, laces, snaps, and buttons. Developing these skills also stimulates dexterity, concentration, and logical thinking, making this an excellent foundation toy for preschool kids. The board itself can be worn as a backpack, another skill to learn.

Made of premium wool material, this toddler busy board is lightweight yet sturdy. Designed to withstand the stress of normal play, the board, and the fastenings on it are soft yet sturdy. As well as having detachable carry straps, the activity board can be folded for easy carrying.