Wheelchair Backpack

Great back seat storage bag for scooters and wheelchairs. It can carry two large water bottles and a 30 oz mug. It has a travel case for medications, it also has a red medical alert symbol on the outside pocket to grant emergency access to your medical records in case you have a potentially life-threatening condition.
To give you extra hands when you pushing the wheelchair. And also easy to access your glass of water, lunch box, portable blanket, reading glasses, book, money, pen, purse, medicine, newspaper, iPad, water bottle, keys, umbrella, jacket etc.
It has a unique design with two reflective tapes on the front that makes you visible from up to 164 ft at night. The best wheelchair accessories – alternative to wheelchair or power transport chairs bags.
Caregivers can easily carry all belongings easily on back over longer distances.
An excellent and useful gift for any occasion.