Modern bag for chair

A comfortable, fun, novel and distinctive way to store and carry your essentials wherever you go.
Durable wheelchair bag attaches with two easily adjustable straps, allowing it to fit on all standard wheelchairs, bariatric wheelchairs walkers and transport chairs.
Easily keep essentials at hand with the large inner pocket. Can hold a purse, a change of clothes, or necessary medical supplies. Convenient outer pockets provide easy access to everyday items such as drinks and snacks, glasses, electronic devices and more.
An easy to use buckle system secures the straps to any wheelchair, walker or transport chair. An additional padded shoulder strap allows the bag to be easily transported to and from the wheelchair.
Durable, lightweight nylon material, the bag is waterproof to keep contents safe and dry.
They come in 14 different models to suit your personality.
A great gift for any occasion.