Foam Incline Pillow

Facilitates position changes and prevents the generation of pressure ulcers (sores) in the elderly, patients with prolonged rest (bedridden), people with disabilities, with fractures of the lower extremitie and postoperative patients who must remain in bed for rest, pregnant women. Comfortable, gradual slope provides BACK and LEG support to help improve blood circulation to the heart, respiratory problems, reducing pressure on the spinal cord, and back pain.
It can help patients turn over, change their posture, assist leg passive lifting, improve leg blood circulation. Right angle helps relax your neck, being good for acid reflux, poor circulation, allergies or any other condition which breathing may be impaired in supine position.
Pillow case made of high quality pure cotton, that is removable and washable for easy care.
The best product for seniors, bedridden patients, people with disabilities, with lower limb fractures, due to surgery or those who cannot move and need to stay in bed for rest, for pregnant women and for those who need seating for lumbar, back, legs, or belly support.