Mobility Lift Assist

The transfer belt is made of high quality nylon fabric with sponge reinforced which is breathable and comfortable , the extra padding in the lumbar and under-arm areas make patients feel more comfortable.
Provide support for patients or elderly with limited mobility and upper body strength and allowing for simplistic transfer from beds, chairs and wheelchairs.The reinforced sponge padding prevent the patient’s skin from being worn while moving the patient. It’s really a reliable sling belt for patients.
Can support weight evenly up to 400lbs, reducing pressure on sensitive areas. Features with multiple colour-coded loops handles to accommodate various seating positions
Easy to clean and reusable. It is machine washable and can be air dried at low temperatures. Can be used in both wet and dry environments.
Helpful for nursing or caregivers to assist to transfer elderly or patients from bed, chair, car and etc. It can also be used to help re-position body part in bed or chair.